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Read the full reviewBest Premium SystemNest Secure$199 View at The Home Depot$227View at AmazonRecommended Retailer$299View at Best Buy?While it’s not as easy to install and use as Scout Alarm, Nest Secure has an intuitive setup process and is one of the best DIY security systems if you already have more than a few of Nest’s smart home devices in your home. Likewise, we found that using the system wasn’t as simple as abode, but is still better than the majority of systems we tested. Nest’s two year warranty is one of the best in our comparison. The main drawback behind Nest Secure is that it’s more expensive than other systems we tested at $400. If you want professional monitoring, Nest Secure has a partnership with Brinks Home Security that offers no contract $29/month and three year contract $19/month options. You can also use the system without monitoring, which doesn’t require a monthly fee.

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And, many of them don’t require any special tools or knowledge to get the job done.

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The façade of the house can be secure without looking like a prison.

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Position your cameras under a ledge or inside a box that protects them from snowfall.