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In fact, todays home security systems are activated and deactivated using a small button device that is carried on your key chain and function just like the clicker that you use for your car alarm. The city of Palm Coast and the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office have received complaints from citizens regarding permitted solicitors from a home security company, VIVINT Inc. Residents have stated that VIVINT solicitors have told them they have been sent by the county or city to alert people that telephone lines in their area are being upgraded and that the new telephone lines would no longer be compatible with the residents’ emergency systems. VIVINT Inc. is not affiliated with the city and residents should be skeptical of any company representing that they were sent by the city. The city has issued a warning to the company based on the complaints received in accordance with city rules and regulations.

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Home security system products for contractors are becoming more sophisticated with each year that companies introduce new security products.

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The same concept applies with a wireless home security system.

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Keep your garage door closed when the garage is unattended.